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Telecom Expense ManagementTelecom Expense Management

Instead of developing a TEM platform, TTM USA has researched all of the TEM platforms currently available and has partnered with several unique market leaders in order to find the perfect match for your requirements. This allows us to ensure that you’ve got the best solution for your business needs.

Telecom Audit and RecoveryTelecom Audit and Recovery

Carriers often don’t make billing easy for clients. Our audits have helped clients recover sizable amounts being overpaid to service providers. We offer these services traditionally as a No-Risk offering. If we can’t execute savings for your organization you pay nothing but receive some great documentation on your network billing.

Technology ConsultingTechnology Consulting

These days it can be difficult to find an unbiased organization that can help you understand which technologies would most benefit your organization. We can assist in the process across a number of practice areas: Cloud Services,Mobility Management,Data Center,Telecom,Unified Communication,Contact Center

Mobile Device ManagementMobile Device Management

This is one of the hottest areas of mobility. Whether you have a BYOD policy or source cellular for your employees, a mobile device management program can help make your life easier.

Collocation and Data CenterCollocation and Data Center

Picking the right data center is critical as you should never need or have to move the site down the road as your requirements evolve. We’ve helped many clients determine the scope of requirements and select the percent data center to fit those requirements. We have over 40 collocation providers representing over 200 facilities globally in cloud technology.

Unified CommunicationsUnified Communications

How do you pick from a market place of over 1000 providers? TTM USA has put in place several key requirements on any cloud UC provider we work with. Because of this we’ve limited the field to just over 30 providers. These providers often have very unique capabilities and we work diligently to match your requirements with the right partner.

Cloud Technology ServicesCloud Technology Services

Most companies are looking to the cloud to solve business challenges. We’ve developed a portfolio that allows us to map your requirements against over 50 providers. This ensures we select the absolute best offering to meet your requirements.

Bid ManagementBid Management

Selecting the right service provider for your business is challenging. Organizations often benefit the greatest in selecting solutions from several vendors. We’ve developed a process to quickly provide you the best offerings, pricing and solutions from our over 220 providers. We will sit down with you as an advisor to share the positives and the negatives of each option.

Network ConvergenceNetwork Convergence

The adoption of SIP and converged network services create tremendous value and easier execution for IT. The representative cost savings of a converged migration have been driving the rapid adoption of SIP trunking. We can assist by putting a case study together in order to determine cost savings and the requirements to make the change.

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Allan Watkins

Allan Watkins
CEO & Founder

Since 1996, Allan Watkins has specialized in advanced technology solutions for enterprise & service provider customers. He has developed solutions that have solved complex challenges around compliance, network security, unified communications, and network architecture for Fortune 500 companies.

Jeremy Schell

Jeremy Schell
VP of Business Development

Jeremy Schell has been working in the fields of technology and telecommunications since 1995 and brings that experience to Total Telecom Management in order to help the company best meets the needs of clients.

David Weil

David Weil
Director Channel Sales

David Weil is a seasoned Sales Executive with more than 25 years of Sales, Management, and Telephony experience. During this period, David has managed revenue streams ranging from $4 million to more than $20 million annually.

360 Channel Partner Award

Total Telecom Management is committed to providing its clients with truly independent advice and the best possible customer service available within the communications industry today, tomorrow and in the future.

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